Are you a kiter or a lover of the sea and sailing sports and you are wondering for your next holiday in Maremma which is the best kitesurfing beach where to base? There is only one possible answer: Pks Beach in Castiglione della Pescaia.

Here then 4 reasons + 1, to choose as kitesurfing beach, our Pks Beach.


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4 reasons + 1 to choose Pks Beach as your kitesurfing beach for your summer.

Che cos’è la PKS Beach? È il frutto di un progetto nato da chi la PKS l’ha creata, Ricca e Carlo, e da chi ha voluto dare fin da subito una sua precisa identità a questo sport.

The concepts are always the same and are very clear: safety, rules, seriousness, organization and a united, prepared team with only one goal: to entertain people by making them feel at home. Always followed and protected by those who have studied the sea and kitesurfing for years.

Ecco allora i nostri 4 + 1 motivi per scegliere Ricca, Carlo e il suo staff:

1 Because you won't find only kitesurfing

At PKS you can find windsurfing courses for children and adults of all levels. Sailing and SUP courses and of course kitesurfing courses for all levels. From beginners to advanced, from freestyle to the first approaches to surfing and the first strapless maneuvers. All the way to hydrofoil. All courses have their own dedicated and certified instructor. Safety and still safety is our trademark. In short, as you will have understood at Pks Beach there is no lack of fun or new ideas to start your next adventure at sea.

Discover all the courses by clicking here..

2 Ricca , Carlo e tutta la squadra Pks

The secret to every success? The team behind it. Our team has been the same for years now. The same people who travel the world in PKS Schoolmasters. Those who enter PKS realize a different world where friendship, seriousness and professionalism are rooted in this brand. Our instructors know how to be nice and courteous but above all they will be able to teach you difficult things in a simple way. And above all they will know how to make you always feel safe. This is because at sea safety is really everything.

3 The beauty of the place we have chosen

For now we have talked about people and activities but since it is a kitesurfing beach the location can not be less. Here nature has given us a hand. We are protected by Castiglione with the pine forest behind us to defend our backs. The water is clean and uncontaminated and the bar and restaurant just a few meters from us will give you everything you need to live only great days at Pks Beach.

4 Safety as a trademark

Found the place you had to put some serious content in it that every common sense person hopes to find.
Safety first. This means strict rules of behavior. This has always been our first thought since the first day we thought about PKS.

That's why you'll find: two rubber boats and a jet ski. A precise organization on the beach for the positioning of the various equipment used by our customers, and the rules of conduct to be respected within the launch channel.

We have thought about the organization of storage for kite, windsurf, sup. Everything well structured, efficient and safe.
L’attrezzatura, sempre nuova, basta per tutti. Aggiorniamo i materiali ogni anno sia per il kitesurf che per il windsurf. É chiaro che quando costruisci qualcosa di bello e importante per essere poi credibile c’è bisogno di persone e collaboratori che capiscano cosa significa PKS.

As promised I told you 4 reasons +1. The last one is this:

Pensare che ci sia sempre qualcosa da migliorare:

We are certainly not perfect and we don't even want to be perfect (those who think they are perfect don't know that that very awareness makes them foolish and imperfect) but we certainly wanted to make a difference in this world, with a few clear rules SAFETY, SERIOUSNESS AND LOT OF PROFESSIONALITY.

This is why and how PKS BEACH was born in Castiglione della Pescaia. Your next kitesurfing beach in Maremma.

To get all the information or book your umbrella click here..

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