Dakhla with the magic of its territory surrounded by the desert, the thousands of suggestions of an ancient culture will captivate your heart.

A group trip accompanied by instructors and professionals, all IKO and FIV patented, who have so much passion in safely transmitting this magnificent sport. The aim is to combine a beautiful holiday in one of the most spectacular places in the world with learning kitesurfing.

Dakhla is known throughout the world as an extraordinary place. A strip of land of about 40 km creates a bay that becomes a real swimming pool for kite lovers: flat water with desert sand as a spectator. A perfect place both for those who start this sport and for those who want to improve.

For those who love the waves, no problem: the ocean is 5 minutes away by car. In this way, either surfing or boarding, anyone can have fun at the highest possible level.

The village where we are staying overlooks the coast a few meters from the bay for a perfect mix of local cultures and comfort for our customers.

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Marzo 2022

Dal 12 Marzo al 19 Marzo Prima settimana
Dal 19 Marzo al 26 Marzo Seconda settimana


Dakhla - Marocco


+39 3393613076 Carlo

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You really can't miss the opportunity to learn kitesurfing in the magic of Dakhla.

Yes, I would love to go to Morocco with you!

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    The location

    Che cos'è uno Windmaster

    Come funziona lo Windmaster

    Fare uno Windmaster PKS è un’esperienza che cambia radicalmente il tuo modo di pensare e di fare kitesurf. La finalità dello Windmaster è quella che gli allievi raggiungano i propri obiettivi aiutati e consigliati dagli istruttori senza doversi preoccupare di questioni organizzative!


    Ogni giorno si svolgono i corsi durante i quali gli allievi hanno un istruttore dedicato. Dopo i corsi gli istruttori sono a totale disposizione per ogni tipo di informazione o chiarimento. L’idea è che gli allievi possano mettere in pratica tutte le nozioni imparate durante la lezione sempre sotto l’occhio vigile degli istruttori pronti ad intervenire in caso di problemi o difficoltà (per esempio: perdita della tavola e/o del kite, necessità di essere recuperati dal gommone). Inoltre, in caso di rottura dell’attrezzatura c’è la possibilità di utilizzare l’attrezzatura della PKS, garantendo sempre kite e tavole di ultima generazione.


    Garanzia Wind Safe

    Grande esclusiva PKS: nell’eventualità che durante il master non sia possibile terminare le ore di corso per problemi legati al meteo, la PKS garantisce per un anno di terminare le ore non potute sfruttare, esclusivamente in un altro master (in aggiunta alle ore standard del pacchetto).


    For all kiteboarder's levels:

    1) “Full immersion” beginner course for those of you who want to start this wonderful sport, with certified instructors following you step by step.

    ABSOLUTE NEWS FROM US: students can continue to practice with our equipment after the class time, always under the watchful eye of our instructors, even throughout the day. With just 150 euros of rental you can have all the equipment for the whole week *.

    2) For our learners who have reached the "Start Up" level and wish to deal with and/or consolidate board starts.
    The most challenging step in learning how to kitesurf precisely is overcoming this first hurdle... With one’s own times and needs.

    3) The advanced kitesurfing course focuses on the upwind and teaches learners to return to the starting point without having to walk miles on the beach,
    control riding and fine-tune the equipment.

    • introduction to jumping
    • jumps with rotations
    • jumps with complex maneuvers and tricks

    Durante i corsi Advanced/Freestyle. l’allievi saranno filmati e/o fotografati dall’istruttore, a sua discrezione. Il materiale video e foto ha una funzione didattica, per parlare con l’allievo degli eventuali errori durante i vari trick**.


    * The caretaker is obliged to store and guard the equipment with all diligence and undertakes to return it in perfect condition. The caretaker undertakes to pay PKS the cost of repurchasing the equipment entrusted to him/her in case of loss, theft or loss for any reason, except in cases of force majeure to be proved by the caretaker himself/herself.

    ** Il Materiale Video e Fotografico, sarà a disposizione degli allievi, per poterlo visionare a loro richiesta, con l’istruttore (tale materiale è ritenuto materiale didattico e di proprietà della PKS).

    How much does it cost?

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    What is included

      • Accommodation in cabins (2 people, private bathroom)
      • Full board
      • 5-hour course
      • PER I PRINCIPIANTI possibilità di esercitarsi con attrezzatura PKS (150€ extra per tutta la settimana)
      • Equipment storage
      • Recupero con gommone gestito dal villaggio




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    Primo periodo:

    Dal 12 Marzo al 19 Marzo 2022

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    Dal 19 Marzo al 26 Marzo 2022

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    Iscriviti al nostro Windmaster e scopri il mondo PKS

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    Che cosa aspetti, vieni a Dakhla con PKS, la più grande scuola della Toscana.

    Yes, I would love to go to Morocco with you!

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      Useful information for your trip:

      For all those practicing kitesurfing we recommend you to bring beach shoes because the beach is full of grooved razor shell, which can hurt your feet or in any case be boring, especially for beginners who will have to walk many miles; the use of shoes should be considered mandatory. The type of beach shoes makes no difference. It is important though that they protect your feet and fit like a glove.

      Per quanto riguarda l’attrezzatura e già la possiede, we recommend you to bring all the kites you have so that you can be sure to ride whichever wind intensity we will find.

      we raccomend to bring a pump or, in any case, to make sure that a pump is available for every two participants.

      we raccomend, you to bring one wetsuit, as a minimum. We suggest bringing a 4/3 wetsuit capri pants, as you will be staying a lot in the water and you definitely don't want to be cold.

      As for the beginners, we will bring all the equipment you need. We will contact you directly for the wetsuit size and everything else you will need.

      we raccomend you not to bring many clothes, as most of the time you will be wearing a wetsuit. However, we do recommend you to take a sweatshirt or a jacket as it may get chilly in the evening.

      Useful information for your Sports Bags:



      (1) Relevant sports equipment as follows:

      Golf, water skis, fishing equipment, weapons, scuba diving equipment, pole vaults, tandem bicycles, surfboards, windsurfers, hand-gliders, paragliders and canoes.

      The first golf bag up to 23KG is free of charge

      A 23 kg kite board measuring up to 220x40x40cm is free of charge

      Fishing material (including 2 rods, 1 pair of boots, 1 box and 1 net) is free of charge if under 300 cm long. Any items above this number should be considered as excess baggage. Exceeding the number of equipment allowed will be considered as excess baggage.

      Luggage weight:

      Sports bag: 23 kg 220x40x40

      Hold baggage: 23 kg

      Hand luggage: 10 kg

      Kilos cannot be added up; each of you is thus required to divide them up as follows:. .

      Sometimes at the check-in the person in front of you may make a big fuss or simply not know that the sports bag for kitesurfing is free of charge, as it complies with the sizes given above.

      What you could do is simply show them this image, which was downloaded from their website and which they should therefore be familiar with.


      Please Note:if you Should you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us.


        5 star review  If you want to learn kiting to Pks you gotta go! Kite school made by professionals with Iko patent, with years of experience and passion. The best for safety organization competence ⭐️⭐️⭐⭐️⭐️

        Marco Vinco Avatar Marco Vinco
        July 12, 2015

        5 star review  The best school to learn this magnificent sport

        Stefano Bergamo Avatar Stefano Bergamo
        March 12, 2015

        5 star review  very serious people, they do things well, as soon as I have some time I will be happy to participate in other foreign excursions. TO THE WHOLE TEAM: WOW!

        Natale Tarantini Avatar Natale Tarantini
        March 21, 2016

        5 star review  Bravi, professionali e onestissimi! Non vedo l'ora di tornarci un domani e partecipare ad una delle vostre iniziative in giro al mondo!

        Elisa Gecchelin Avatar Elisa Gecchelin
        August 13, 2016

      La vera garanzia PKS.

      PKS è molto più che una semplice scuola di kitesurf. È una comunità di persone che amano la libertà, il mare ed il kitesurf e il divertimento di stare in compagnia..

      Today, PKS is a full-fledged company with over 15 instructors to satisfy your needs. The safest, fastest and most guaranteed way to learn how to kitesurf today.