Nata il 15/11/86 a Vicenza, istruttrice IKO livello 1. Lingue parlate: Inglese e Spagnolo

carlo politi pks

Born in Grosseto on 27/07/1969, Carlo is an IKO Instructor, Trainer Assistant, School Director and founder of the PKS.

Born in Grosseto on 17/09/1996, Riccardo is a Level 2 IKO Instructor and Level 1 FIV Instructor. He embodies the PKS. He is a citizen of the world and fluently speaks English.

Our receptionist. Friendliness, kindness and politeness are her distinctive traits.

Giacomo is a sailing instructor with a proven track record. He also teaches windsurfing and is a CrossFit M1 athlete.

Born in Florence on 20/07/1978, Gabriele is a VDWS International windsurfing instructor. He is always full of energies and speaks English.