Prossime date 2021:
Aitc +MFA Dal 22 Ottobre 2021 al 26 Ottobre 2021
ITC Dal 27 Ottobre 2021 al 31 Ottobre 2021

Sign up for an IKO instructors course (held in Italian)

Turn your passion into your job: become an IKO instructor with PKS Academy

Do you love kitesurfing? Are you tired of your office work and can't wait to take your board and dash towards the beach? Or are you looking for a new job opportunity?

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Put the odds in your favour and master the elements of teaching. This leading course is your best start to becoming a professional kite Instructor and living your dream. The pedagogical contents and exercises included in the course show you how to perfectly balance fun and safety, without losing sight of each kiteboarder individuality.

Sign up for an IKO instructors course and make kitesurfing your job.

The course is held in Castiglione della Pescaia, Grosseto. You will first obtain the IKO Assistant Instructor license (AITC - Assistant Instructor Training Course) and then the international license as IKO 1st level instructor (ITC - Instructor Training Course + MFA - Medic First Aid).

How is the IKO Instructor Course structured and how long does it last?

IKO offers a reliable and professional training programme.
By attending the IKO Instructor Course you will become a certified international instructor.

The course programme will introduce you to the latest methods of teaching kitesurfing.

The IKO certification is the only internationally recognised.

At the end of this training you will have developed and acquired the fundamentals of safety, organisation and spot analysis, as well as teaching techniques.

You will be provided with both theoretical and practical training.

Attending the IKO Instructor Course you will achieve the IKO 1st level instructor qualification. You will then have all the potential to work for a kitesurfing school or as an independent instructor anywhere in the world.

IKO has been certifying instructors since 2001; it has over 130 IKO centres located in 39 countries all over the world and is affiliated with several hundred schools working only with IKO instructors.

Once you have obtained your international license, IKO will constantly provide you with updates about all the latest teaching methods and offer you a network of job offers from all over the world.

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What are the advantages of being an IKO instructor?

  • Access to the reserved area of the website
  •  Possibility of underwriting an insurance policy specifically covering teaching
  • Products at special prices
  • Job offers
  • A personal page to manage and publish your professional profile on the IKO site, so that potential students can get in touch with you
  • Possibility of submitting your profile in the selected area of job search and offering

How much does the course cost?

Il corso di A.T.C:(assistente istruttore):
il costo è di 550 €

Corso primo soccorso MFA: il costo è di 80 €

per l’I.T.C. (istruttore) : il costo è di 990 €


Where will the course be held?

• Luogo per A.T.C : spiagge di Marina di Grosseto e Castiglione della Pescaia
ITC + MFA: Marina di Grosseto and Castiglione della Pescaia

N.B.: per poter partecipare al corso I.T.C. è obbligatorio avere conseguito il brevetto da Assistente Istruttore (A.T.C.)






Occorre dunque effettuare il prima possibile l’iscrizione facendo il versamento (la Caparra della metà dell’importo) indicated below and sending a copy of the payment to our email address;you will then receive the manual to start studying.

Duration and completion of training  

A minimum of 5 days will be necessary to complete training. At the end of the training, your trainer will evaluate your skills and verify that you meet the criteria for passing the exam. If you pass the exam, the trainer will award you the IKO Assistant Instructor certification. You will also be able to download your diploma from the website.

Certifications recognised world-wide and benefits::

  • Access the IKO Instructor Training Course
  • Assist and shadow a level 2 or above kitesurfer
  • Assist an IKO instructor/independent rider in launching/landing procedures
  • Assist a level 2 or above IKO Instructor in safety procedures, circulation, organisation and set-up of the equipment
  • Manage the safety and organisation of the spot
  • Manage the organisation of the equipment and its necessary maintenance
  • Manage the rental for independent riders (equipment selection and set up/S.E.A.assessment)


Following confirmation of participation (which consists in filling in, signing and returning the form attached to this email accompanied by a photocopy of your ID document and a document attesting to payment of the participation fee), you can access the IKO website to take the on-line pre-ITC tests and verify your level of personal preparation.
From the home page of the IKO website access your profile; in the address bar enter GEST ITALIAN and start the tests.

You will receive a handbook in PDF to download, print and study thoroughly before attending the course.

Prerequisites for signing up for the ITC:

be at least 18 years old;
be able to kite since at least 1 year and be certified as an IKO Member Level 3N since at least 6 months (jump and toe side ride); perform 3N skills on request in all wind conditions (10-30 knots); 

• avere un valido attestato di Assistente Istruttore (A.T.C.);
have a valid first aid MFA or CPR certificate or have committed to achieving such certificate at the next ITC with the same Examiner;
carry out and pass all pre-ITC on-line tests;
be able to drive an inflatable boat with an engine under 40 horsepower; 

be able to read and write in the language of the course;
sign the form of relief from liability.

It is also essential to attend the course with your own equipment: kite, board, harness and, above all, helmet and life or impact jacket.

Note: in order to guarantee a high quality standard, the IKO requires not to exceed the number of 8 participants per course.

The places available will therefore be reserved only for those who pay the registration fee first.

The organisation reserves the right to cancel the course should the minimum number of participants not be reached.

The IKO certification is recognised world-wide and gives you the opportunity to work all over the world.

Once you have obtained the certification, if you wish to, you will join a network that connects IKO Instructors, kite schools and beginners in order to be constantly informed about any requests from both schools looking for new instructors and beginners who want to take a course in your area.
You will also receive advice about the most suitable type of equipment to buy for IKO courses.
We hope that you will join the PKS team to take full advantage of the benefits it offers.


This is the IBAN

(International Bank Account Number): IT 27 K 03268 14300 052726469880

in the name of: A.S.D. PKS

P.zza Sanzio 4

58100 Grosseto (GR) ITALIA

Prossime date 2021:
DAL 22 Ott. AL 26 Ott AITC + MFA
DAL 27 Ott. AL 31 Ott ITC

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